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July 31, 2011

Album Review:
Austra - Feel It Break

The highlights are as follows: Austra is Canadian, one part Gary Numan, one part Siouxsie and the Banshees and three parts future.    In building this dark pop opera, Austra introduce the album with the theatrical Darken Her Horse that finally climaxes at the 3 minute mark, then moves in for the dramatic second single Lose It, then the Goldfrappian fourth track is The Beat and the Pulse, and Hate Crime is a perfect choice for the crucial track 7 position.    They even have a sexy and odd video for The Beat and the Pulse that is not available on Youtube, but I've included the link below.    These young folks know what they're doing with the rest of the album, as well.

Free Download of Lose It (click down arrow to the right of the Soundcloud pane directly below INFO)
Austra - Lose It by DominoRecordCo

Austra - The Beat and the Pulse

AUSTRA "Beat and the Pulse" by domino

Austra - Darken Her Horse

Austra - Lose It

Austra - Hate Crime

01 Darken Her Horse - Austra - (Album: Feel It Break)
02 Lose It - Austra - (Album: Feel It Break)
03 The Future - Austra - (Album: Feel It Break)
04 Beat and the Pulse - Austra - (Album: Feel It Break)
05 Spellwork - Austra - (Album: Feel It Break)
06 The Choke - Austra - (Album: Feel It Break)
07 Hate Crime - Austra - (Album: Feel It Break)
08 The Villain - Austra - (Album: Feel It Break)
09 Shoot the Water - Austra - (Album: Feel It Break)
10 The Noise - Austra - (Album: Feel It Break)
11 The Beast - Austra - (Album: Feel It Break)

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