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September 20, 2011

Album Review:
The Echocentrics - Sunshadows

The Echocentrics eclecticism is plainly evident on their 2011 release Sunshadows as two-time Grammy winning producer Adrian Quesada from Austin, Texas continues his collaborative style.    Sounding like a blend of Quantic Soul Orchestra, Troubleman, Thievery Corporation, then taking some tangential spaghetti western and R&B instrumental breathers a la Shawn Lee along its journey, the divergence elevates The Echocentrics album to a wide variety of tastes.    Add this one to the Best of 2011 list.    Available on the Ubiquity Records website.

FREE Download of The Echocentrics - Sunshdows - Jardim ft. Tita Lima
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The Echocentrics - Sunshdows - Jardim ft. Tita Lima by gustavo-senatore

The Echocentrics - Esclavo y Amo ft. Natalia Clavier (from Sunshadows LP)

The Echocentrics - Dudar (from Sunshadows LP)

The Echocentrics - Don Alejo (from Sunshadows LP)

The Echocentrics - Engines Of Solitude (from Sunshadows LP)

The Echocentrics Sunshadows Track Listing:

1. Engines of Solitude
2. Jardim ft. Tita Lima
3. It's Not Too Late ft. Natalia Clavier
4. Esclavo Y Amo ft. Natalia Clavier
5. Electric Travels
6. Mundo Pequeno ft. Tita Lima
7. Suspicions
8. O Elefante ft. Tita Lima
9. Down Under ft. Natalia Clavier
10. The March
11. Don Alejo
12. Dudar ft. Natalia Clavier
13. Crescent Sun
14. The Open Veins

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