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April 5, 2011

Album Review:
The Strokes-Angles

When The Strokes' first album "Is This It" was released with its promotional tsunami, I intentionally avoided it for several months.    After the daily flow of attention the album received had comfortably settled into the horizon, I patiently listened and realized that this album would soon become my essential tool to bring about the warmer days of summer.    On The Stroke's latest "Angles", the reverberating guitars on the opener Machu Picchu honour 10CC's "Dreadlock Holiday" and pay respect for Strange Advance on "Games" and The Strokes' "Gratisfaction" would have sounded fantazmic snuggled anywhere inside the Billy Joel album "Glass Houses".    On closer inspection of The Strokes' latest platter, these gentlemen of leisure have condensed a complete understanding of many decades of pop music and deftly manipulated the elements toward another refreshing evolution for modern pop music.    I think that I might buy the vinyl.

The Strokes-Machu Picchu

The Strokes-Taken for a Fool

The Strokes-Games

The Strokes-Gratisfaction

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