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September 10, 2011

Album Review:
Beirut - The Rip Tide

As Beirut's previous albums, March of the Zapotec, Gulag Orkestar, The Flying Club Cup, have spoken to their stature as a modern band using historic orchestrations, Zach Condon's Beirut gets comfortable and confident in its bohemian abstractions on their latest LP The Rip Tide.    With a wide assortment of acoustic instruments and band members, the new LP is bursting with new ideas through familiar territories.    The only minor concern is that Santa Fe would have been better placed at the 10th track to close The Rip Tide, as it tends to overshadow the production of the remainder of the album.    A band needs a good track 2, 4, and 7, but it shouldn't come as an expense to your enjoyment of an album.    A classic keeper to place alongside Beirut's previous work.

Beirut - Santa Fe (from The Rip Tide)

Beirut - East Harlem (from The Rip Tide)

Beirut - Nantes (in the street)

Beirut - The Penalty (Take Away Show)

Beirut - Elephant Gun

Beirut - The Rip Tide Tracklist:
01. A Candle’s Fire
02. Santa Fe
03. East Harlem
04. Goshen
05. Payne’s Bay
06. The Rip Tide
07. Vagabond
08. The Peacock
09. Port of Call

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