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July 27, 2011

Album Review:
Gang Gang Dance - Eye Contact

If you are embarking on a career in modern dance or rehearsing a juggling act that you plan to present before the hiring team at Cirque du Soleil, Gang Gang Dance's newest LP Eye Contact might be your soundtrack.    Drum machine and latin funk percussion laden upon dramatic Animotion synthesizer backdrops while the band reaches for early Art of Noise, which makes for a chaotic and accidentally hilarious listen.    There have been a few chuckles from the music of 2011 such as Rainbow Arabia's Boys and Diamonds, Sixx A.M's This is Gonna Hurt, and Liquid Stranger's Mechanoid Meltown, but you'd expect more from this competent group of musicians than an album you'd find in the Cirque du Soleil gift shop.

Gang Gang Dance - Chinese High

Gang Gang Dance - Mindkilla

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