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September 27, 2011

Album Review:
Apparat - The Devil's Walk

The changing of seasons is the perfect backdrop for Apparat's newest introspective and beautifully constructed LP The Devil's Walk.    Apparat's figurehead Sascha Ring has moved from the rather clunky electronics of his antecedent release The Wall and become rather warmly pastoral on this latest LP.    Comparatively, The Devil's Walk is like The Antlers and Radiohead's Thom Yorke in a backdrop of The Cinematic Orchestra, which may have guided Apparat's taste coming out of his DJ Kicks mix from 2010.    A quietly exciting listen.

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Apparat - Goodbye (Audioholic Unofficial Remix) The Devil's Walk Album by audioholicdj

Apparat - Black Water (from The Devil's Walk)

Apparat - Song of Los (from The Devil's Walk)

Apparat - The Devil's Walk Tracklist

01 Sweet Unrest
02 Song of Los
03 Black Water
04 Goodbye
05 Candil De La Calle
06 The Soft Voices Die
07 Escape
08 Ash/Black Veil
09 A Bang in the Void
10 Your House Is My World

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