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February 28, 2011

Album Review:
The Go! Team-Rolling Blackouts

The Go! Team return with the first oddball album of 2011 called Rolling Blackouts.     The first half of the album is unstoppable, but then, quite frankly, the creativity lamps begin flickering.     It starts in high gear with Tornado, then moves to quirky 60s pop of Secretary Song, and then off to an Avalanches inspired Apollo Throwdown.     After the quick tangent, we're back in the kooky 60s pop of Ready to Go Steady and then a well-placed instrumental Bust-Out Brigade prepares you for the final moment of this album's fun Buy Nothing Day.     The remaining 7 songs are completely overshadowed by the blockbuster 6 track beginning, which may have been remedied by rearranging the tracks. If you want to add your own 7 tracks to make up for the make up 13, get yourself a Pepe Deluxe song like MIschief of Cloud 6, Go for Blue, Pussy Cat Rock, and Woman in Blue.     Then slap on a few tracks by The Glimmers like Who You Gonna Call, a quick Let's Get Physical cover, and Koo Koo and you've got yourself an unofficial 13 with some truly power surging oddball funk.

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