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April 20, 2011

Album Review Chemical Brothers - Hanna Soundtrack

When reading that the Chemical Brothers had made the soundtrack for an icy action thriller called Hanna that begins in northern Scandinavia, the viewer/listener will wonder how the pair would immmerse their block rockin' beats into a proper film.    For those who haven't been watching Chemical Brothers' growth, their sound has been becoming more filmic with their last album "Further" that was rumoured to be a framework for several short films.    How the Chemical Bros' material has supported the film is to accentuate the confusion and excitement that Hanna feels encountering religion, technology, fear, and love with their frigid, and at times, paranoid aural backdrop.    You'll even hear the actors whistling soundtrack segments to grow the relationship of the actors to the film's score.    Best soundtrack that I've heard since David Holmes' Oceans 12 soundtrack, which was magic for the film and, now, as collection of timeless tracks hand-picked by a production wizard.    Hopefully, Hanna does the same for the Chemical Brothers.

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Chemical Brothers - Hanna (Movie Soundtrack Remixed) by listothis

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Chemical Brothers - Swoon (Bassworm Remix) by Bassworm

Chemical Brothers - Container Park (Hanna Soundtrack)

Chemical Brothers - The Devil is in the Beats (Hanna Soundtrack)

Chemical Brothers - Hanna's Theme (Hanna Soundtrack)

1 comment:

  1. I love this newer style of The Chemical Brothers. It reminds me of their original older stuff that was dark and rhythmic. Solid beats that really allow a person to zone out and get lost in the mood. Rekindles my love for The Chemical Brothers, Thanks for posting!