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May 24, 2011

Album Review:
Sixx A.M - This is Gonna Hurt

Bass guitarist Nikki Sixx continues with his post-Motley Crue trio Sixx A.M on their latest LP "This is Gonna Hurt" and a book release of the same name.    Mr. Sixx takes his comfortable position with his bass and allows the remaining pair of his trio to take lead guitar, lead vocal, and they all select some programmed drums.    Sadly, after several listens to "This is Gonna Hurt", you get the feeling that, apart from the obviously ironic title, the target market for this album would be a grade 10 American football team with their eye on the tri-county title, and then the album closes with a track that might also work well in an animated Disney film.

Sixx A.M - Are You With Me?

Sixx A.M - Lies of the Beautiful People

Sixx A.M - Live Forever

Sixx A.M - Skin

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