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September 5, 2011

Album Review: Marsmobil - Black Album

On Marsmobil's newest LP Black Album, mastermind producer Roberto Di Gioia brings his love for The Beatles' more psychedelic experimentations to fruition.    Marsmobil's previous releases have seen some of the best minds in electronic soundscapes converge with Roberto, such as Peter Kruder and Christian Prommer, helping create some novel and eclectic electronic fusions. With Black Album, Roberto ditches his recurring femme fatale vocalists and nearly takes everything on himself, building something akin to one of Tool's side members trip-pop project Lusk, or Lilys' and Caribou's own hallucinogenic masterpieces.    A tight little album with some refreshing and historic musical dabbling.

Free Download of Come Mrs. Layla (click down arrow to the right of the Soundcloud pane directly below INFO)
Marsmobil - Come Mrs. Layla by compost

Marsmobil - The Carpenter

Marsmobil - Genesis Of The Upper Skies

Marsmobil - Black Album

1 Come Mrs. Layla 7:35
2 Is It Tomorrow Now? 5:15
3 The Quest 2:36
4 Holy Fields 4:07
5 Blast Of Silence 2:59
6 The Carpenter 5:27
7 Genesis Of The Upper Skies 3:00
8 Unconscious Mind Behind 4:18

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