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September 3, 2011

Album Review: Stereo MCs - Emperor's Nightingale

On a first listen of Stereo MCs' newest LP Emperors Nightingale, you might be prone to the belief that the band's better days were behind it like Duran Duran or Nikki Sixx.    However, after spending some time with the album, these tracks are far from "ze cakkah" and more the cat's preferred sleepwear.    Stereo MCs have got a recipe of Goldfrapp, The Glimmers, Apples in Stereo, but it's also a mixture of the best moves of electronic music wizard Parov Stelar, while balancing these manoeuvres with nods to spacey late 70s Steve Miller and 80s pop from both Prince and Eddy Grant.    A welcome return for Stereo MCs and the trilogy of videos Boy, Tales, and Far Out Feeling are snapshots of the importance of spending more time understanding your children and courageously facing your own crossroads.

Stereo MCs - Boy (Part 1 of Trilogy)

Stereo MCs - Tales (Part 2 of Trilogy)

Stereo MCs - Far Out Feeling (Part 3 of Trilogy)

Stereo MCs - Manner

Stereo MCs - Phase Me

Stereo MCs - Connected (LIVE)

Stereo MCs Album Mega-Mix by !K7 Records

01. Wooden Heart - Stereo MCs
02. Boy - Stereo MCs
03. Phase Me - Stereo MCs
04. Far Out Feeling - Stereo MCs
05. Sunny Day - Stereo MCs
06. Manner - Stereo MCs
07. Tales - Stereo MCs
08. 2 Can Do - Stereo MCs
09. Bring It On - Stereo MCs
10. Levitation - Stereo MCs
11. Desert Song - Stereo MCs
12. Wooden Heart (reprise) - Stereo MCs

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