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April 15, 2011

Album Review:
Oh Land - Oh Land

This album has everything going for it: a cute Danish filly with an even cuter voice with an SUV full of global super-producers and a tight little eleven track album of simple, effective pop songs.    However, I think that one of these English speaking producers should have been honest about some of the English expressions Ms. Oh Land uses or, better yet, suggest that she have kept it in the Danish language.    There are some great lyrics in the hit song Sun of a Gun such as "You could make the blue sky blush" that are quickly overshadowed by hearing about "That voodoo you do" on the next song.    My mother had her own cute Swedish/English expressions, but I would have recommended that she avoid naming her hit song "Ding-a-ling Dum Dum", which she used as an admonishment when I would get too silly as a child.

Oh Land - Perfection

Oh Land - Break the Chain

Oh Land - Sun of a Gun

Oh Land - Voodoo

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