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May 8, 2011

Album Review:
French Horn Rebellion - The Infinite Music of French Horn Rebellion

French Horn Rebellion just released their new LP The Infinite Music of French Horn Rebellion, yet it's almost tangible that this entire album and the conceptually clever videos will be used as a tool to bed women who might fall for kitsch and not well-executed albums such as those by Goldfrapp, Yelle, or The Strokes.    There is one moment amongst fourteen tracks that shows some honesty, which is "Brasilia Girl", though it sounds like it may have been pulled from The Faint songbook.    The rest of the album is an absolutely pretentious exercise in following trends, the funny Andy Samberg, and not your heart.    FHR are opening for the fantastic Yelle on her spring 2011 North American tour.

French Horn Rebellion - Broken Heart

French Horn Rebellion - Brasilia Girl

French Horn Rebellion - Up All Night

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