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April 18, 2011

Album Review Britney Spears - Femme Fatale

It is difficult for Britney Spears to be taken seriously.    We've seen her consistently undulating for the camera, rubbed her backside onto the laps of other dancers, and be kissed and licked by multiple partners throughout the years, while also enjoying regular tabloid rotation.    Professionally, Britney seems to have got things under control, as over half of these new tracks on her newest Femme Fatale are a refreshing refresher for Spears.    The last proper album that BS released was Circus and she was working with multiple mega-producers, but the only catchy bits were the sexy liner photos.    If you want to save some money, you will not need Drop Dead Beautiful, Seal It With A Kiss, Big Fat Bass, Trouble For Me, Criminal, Up N' Down, Selfish or Don't Keep Me Waiting, as these tracks quickly lose the momentum of an otherwise clever release from one of our regular tabloid queens.

Britney Spears - I Wanna Go.

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