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April 21, 2011

Exposed breasts on album covers cannot save The Luyas, Cut Copy or Young Prisms

Sometimes albums that truly disappoint do so because of a serious flaw or misjudgement of their audience that absolutely destroys the enjoyment. Canada's The Luyas disrespect the crucial song #2 position on their newest LP "Too Beautiful to Work" by selecting the song "Worth Mentioning" that sounds like a drummer and his full kit falling down a seemingly infinite staircase along with a Salvation Army volunteer and their Christmas kettle with bells.    On Cut Copy's newest album Zonoscope, the Aussies barely break a standing pulse rate in an organic garden, which bodes for an absolutely boring listen.    Or, in the case of San Francisco's Young Prisms' latest "Friends For Now", they doggedly lose focus toward feedback rather than melody and songsmanship.    Topless models on any of their artsy album covers cannot save them.

The Luyas - Worth Mentioning

Young Prisms - Feel Fine

Cut Copy - Need You Now

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