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April 17, 2011

Album Review:
Malachai - Return to the Ugly Side

As the story goes, a fella from Portishead discovered Malachai and it's easy to notice the many reasons why he loved them.    The two (and sometimes three) piece Malachai released an intriguing piece of work entitled Return to the Ugly Side earlier in February and it begins with symphonic sampling, moves towards a Strawberry Fields Forever intro, then heads back through hip-hop beats and samples a la Jel and continues weaving in and out of late 60s psychedelia.    Tack on some vocals that sound a bit like the Flaming Lips and you've got yourself an intriguing listen.

Malachai - Let 'em Fall

Malachai - Rainbows

Malachai - Mid-Antarctica

Malachai - Let 'em Fall (live in studio)

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