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April 7, 2011

Album Review:
Cold Cave-Cherish the Light Years

One of my favourite albums of 2009 was Cold Cave's Love Comes Close, which was a confident journey through modern electro-pop containing many hints of Gary Numan, Human League, and Thomas Dolby.    Unlike their former album, Cold Cave's latest LP "Cherish the Light" has a darker, more tangible urgency throughout and lacks female lead vocals, which tend to detract from the clever bits.    The solution to keep Cold Cave in your musical vernacular?    Make this album into a fantastic affordably priced EP with The Great Pan is Dead, Pacing Around the Church, Catacombs, and Villains of the Moon.

Cold Cave-The Great Pan is Dead

Cold Cave-Pacing Around the Church

Cold Cave-Catacombs

Cold Cave-Villains of the Moon

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